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Zero Down Options + 25 Year Warranty + Industry Best Product + Local Licensed Install

1,000's of successful installations in NC and SC. 

Have a quote and unsure?

3 Quick Tips:

1- Ensure your tax credit situation

(you must owe the amount to get the refund)

2- Don't buy a backup battery as part of system

(anyone who tries to sell you a battery does not like you)

3- Do not over pay - there is a wide swing in pricing

(when you pay more, commissions are more)

Then there's the equipment and installer, roof mounting method...

Simple, proven options to confidently go Solar with a consult.

We visit you or you can visit us.


Give us a call, get a second opinion. Call it Continued Adult Education.

Consultations by Appointment.

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Now consulting in home through Brunswick County NC and 

Horry County SC.


A small $125 monthly electric payment adds up to well over $15,000 in ten years.  An endless, increasing electric payment paid with after tax dollars. Energy, like housing, has a financially healthier option then renting. Ownership. Long term; renting rarely builds wealth.

How about investing your energy payment similar to how you invested your place to live payment. When switching from renting a home to owning you received numerous financial benefits where none previously existed. Same payment, much better outcome. Solar works out even better.  

What if adding sleek, durable Solar Energy cost nothing to get started, added value to your home, provided a significant tax credit, prevented just about all of your electric bill from going up every year and included the certainty of 25 years of warranty?

This is part of why we have so many satisfied clients.

Electric bill = Zero benefit

Solar is a performing asset.

Call us for a free review of a solar quote you may now be considering. Before you tell us the cost, we'll share ours.

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Our clients know

they saved big on Solar.

Without Compromise.

 We do not fund rockets to Mars, pay Pro Sports teams to say they like us nor subject you to a commissioned salesperson that will not leave your home and wants you to invest the most possible. Instead something comforting and uncommon occurs. You get a relaxed education and an opportunity to be a little smarter about why so many individuals, businesses and governments around the world go Solar. Maybe it's also right for you.

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Our Rocket

  • Effectively leverage your existing electric payment
  • Hedge against Inflation & utility increases
  • Instantly modernize and add value to your home
  • Receive significant tax credits
  • Sun + Experience = Happy

    Solar Consult with us leads to happiness. What we do is not magic, it's math. Our clients have elected to put a portion of their existing monthly electric payment into a predictable investment strategy that frees them from uncontrollable rising rates and political whims. They made this choice in product, price and company after being educated.

    Consulting Showroom:

    102 Serene Meadows Trail

    Statesville, NC 28677

    Consultations by Appointment.

    Call 704-928-9888

    Now serving Brunswick County NC and 

    Horry County SC.


    Predictable Investment

    Your electric bill is paid with after tax dollars for something you used last month, barely a memory. 

    What do you have to show for this monthly payment?

    Like you, our clients had this useless payment too, once showed how that payment could enrich them, they asked us to end the bad deal they are currently in.

    All numbers need a foundation and there exists an industry standard to predict solar production. This tool is used by companies such as Duke, Tesla & Google along with the financiers that fund all these installations. Their solar investments and Miser clients understand and use this standard. 

    Proven System Architecture

    Thousands of installs, consistent, proven system design. The same stuff on our house. Up-gradable and expandable. Completing your structural reports, State and Local filings, Notary and system commissioning. Your project is not farmed out to the cheapest installer. Our reputation of guiding clients through to a successful installation is evidenced by the hundreds of 'going backwards' texts, emails, videos and low electric bills. 

    A great feeling when useless money begins to go to work for you.

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