Considering Solar Power?

The decision is not that complicated.

​​You have a monthly payment for energy that compares to renting a place to live. An endless, increasing payment that enriches others? Energy and housing have financially healthier options then renting.  Ownership.

How about investing your energy payment like you do your place to live payment? Receive numerous financial benefits where none previously existed and continue to have all the energy you need.

This shift of your money provides you a Solar Smart Home. What if adding sleek, durable Solar cost nothing ​to get started besides 30 minutes of your time?

 ​Below we present the proof.

​In the video above, happiness and successful Solar results abound.

​Without Solar, you enrich an electric provider, giving away $1,800 to $3,200 a year. After Tax Dollars that build zero wealth for you. ​​

You want zero?

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Sun + Experience =​ Happy

​Solar with Energy Miser Group leads to happiness. ​What we do is not magic, it's math. Our clients have elected to put a portion of their exisiting monthly electric payment into a predictable investment strategy that frees them from uncontrollable rising rates and political whims. ​​They made this choice in product, price and company after being educated. We are the Solar folks who you can visit. See up close a working Solar install at our location, installed with the same products we recommend to you and our friends. ​Come check out a system up close or call and we can visit you.

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Predictable Investment

​​Odds are you make your electric payment on time, to a company you have no other choice to negoitate or compare. ​They are very happy, this payment you are currently choosing to pay your forever and you know each year it increases. Your electric bill is paid with after tax dollars for something you used a few weeks ago. 

What do you have to show for this monthly payment? Does this sound like a good deal to you?

​Like you, our clients ​had this useless payment too, we clearly showed how that payment could enrich them in multiple manners for decades. ​

​The numbers need a foundation and there exists an industry standard to predict solar production. This tool is used by ​companies such as Duke, Tesla & Google along with the financiers that fund all these installations. Their solar investments and Misers clients understand and use this standard. 

​Proven System Architecture

​Thousands of installs by ​the same crews, the importance of consistent system design with the same components from roof flashing's to electronics is critical to success.

​Tier One Solar components and racking from USA companies, with industry best warranties, including full, panel by panel reporting for life. Up-gradable and expandable. We are licensed and certified in all areas required. Completing your structural reports, State and Local filings, permits, Notary and system commissioning. Your project is not​​ farmed out to the cheapest installer. Our reputation ​is evidenced by the dozens of 'going backwards' texts, emails and videos. A great feeling when a meter slows and then stops and sometimes goes backwards. When is that day finally arriving for you​?


​​You can count on stated energy production, an experienced, certified installation and if ever needed, prompt service. If you have any issues, just get in touch with ​our team and they'll help you out until you get the results you expected, even years after your installation. ​Consider the many thousands of Solar panels we've installed, we have yet to replace one. Good stuff performs and we have dozens of video testimonials to back up our guarantee.

​solar happiness

​Our clients know

they saved on Solar.

 Since we do not fund rockets to Mars, Pro Sports endorsements or even commissioned sales teams, savings can be passed on to our clients without compromise. ​Industry best product, added value to your home, thousands in tax return credits, all with little to zero added expense or stress to their lives.

​Time to meet up?

Consider in 2020 North Carolina Dept Energy Expert states: 

'Solar is the cheapest form of energy...bar none.

 Solar in fact, pays you back.' 

Are you still waiting for lower rates and your electric company to send you a check?

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