Solar for Everyone.

Lowest Overall Cost

​Complete Solar Installed

Starting at $29 month

How does Energy Miser stand up to Tesla's claim of Lowest Cost In America?

Energy Miser offers a lower entry cost 

and lower overall cost of ownership.

​Miser Solar vs Tesla Solar - Showdown or Smack-down?

Get the same panels Tesla offers. 

Sleek, Black Mono Panels with a 25 year warranty.

​Happens to be the same manufacturers.

Tesla decides if you get panel by panel reporting, Miser's always get panel by panel reporting. ​

​Oh, you thought you get Tesla made panels.

​​US Made Solar

​We've installed 1,000's without a single failure

​Get better electronics with a full 25 years of warranty, made by a US company with no single point of complete system failure. 

Expandable ​happens to be how we can provide such a low cost of entry and provide you with future opportunity.

​Tesla provides none of this. Just a silly, 10 year warranty inverter purchased from a foreign manufacturer. Not expandable, single point of failure and Tesla expects you'll be replacing it about 10 years from now.

 Sorry, ​you may have thought Tesla made the electronics.


​Full 24/7 Reporting

Panel by Panel

​Get service and a local install. ​Since 2014, thousands of solar panels professionally installed with our own local crews. 

​Happens to be that we have more solar install experience than Tesla.

NABCEP certified install with all State and local permitting and filings completed in house. 

​Darn, you thought Tesla crews install and service your system.

​Experience in Abundance

​Certified on all installed product

​Why go Solar at all?

​How do we compete with Tesla?


First, consider with little, to zero, added stress or expense

 our clients enjoy.

  • ​Thousands in New Equity to their Homes
  • ​Thousands of Dollars in Federal Tax Credits - Dollar for Dollar
  • ​Building Wealth with a Payment that Previously Produced Nothing
  • ​Substantial Reduction in Electric Rate Increases
  • ​Thousands of Wasted Dollars Now Enrich Their Life
  • Modernized and Updated Their Home for Future Resale Value
  • Have ​Control of a Previously Uncontrollable Expense
  • Own US Premium Product with Industry Best Warranties
  • Energy Independence and this Earth A Cleaner Place
  • Service is local

​Miser Rocket

Our clients also invested less.

Miser clients know we have no aspirations to colonize Mars or sponsor NFL Football while paying for TV commercials and speed boats with logos on them. This stuff costs a lot of money.

Kind of prefer keeping the costs down.

It's the Miser in us.

You can use this submission area to contact us or call ​704-928-9888.

Sun ​=​ Energy + Equity

​Wise investment decisions in product, price and companys are best based on transparent, verifiable information. Energy Miser clients consistently and continually share positive results and refer friends and family.  Impartial fact based information was clearly provided as these homeowners ​considered the long term advantages of going Solar​. ​​They understood the math​.

​EMG clients also understand the value of US based ​product and local installs and service by a company that has installed over 1,000 systems, with zero panel failures, zero roof leaks and zero down to go Solar.​


​Perhaps you like the predictability of that monthly, never-ending and forever increasing electric payment that buys you nothing.

Use Solar energy to power your home and reduce your dependence on the grid. Purchase solar at the lowest price ​and take control of your monthly electricity bill.

​There exists an industry standard tool to predict solar production around the world. Duke Energy, Google, the financiers that fund solar installations ​utilize this tool ​we share with you to project savings on every system package. ​That's how you know expected returns on investment.

 Think about it, the sun rising each day is a lot more predictable than ​most investments!

What does the monthly payment you make now do to your net worth?

​System Architecture

The importance of consistent system design and components is critical to success and service. ​Most companies offering you solar seem to skip over important aspects because you don't know any better...yet.

Common system designs are not easily expandable or upgradble with shorter warranties and have a single point of failure. EMG is proud to offer the very best ​US Tier One, black on black, mono solar panels each with Enphase micro-inverters with industry best 25 year warranties on the panels and electronics. Full, 24/7 panel by panel reporting for life. Up-gradable and expandable. ​

​With the incredible tax benefits about to expire, the best time to go Solar is now.

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