Solar for Everyone

How does Energy Miser stand up to Tesla?

(or just about anyone)

Miser Group provides:

Superior design & electronics

Lower lifetime costs

and a lower cost of entry.

Get Started for 

Our expenses remain low with no desire to live on Mars. 

Compare us to any other solar provider.

Get the same panels Tesla offers when they utilize US made panels. We only use US Sleek, Black Mono Panels with a 25 year warranty.

Tesla decides if you get panel by panel reporting, Miser's always get panel by panel reporting.

Tesla does not make panels.

US Made Solar

We've installed 1,000's without a single failure

Smarter, expandable, more reliable, longer warrantied electronics with Miser Group. Full 25 years of warranty.  Micro-Inverter electronics have no single point of failure. The String Inverter brands Tesla uses are only covered for 10 years by the manufacturer. You may have thought Tesla made the electronics.


Full 24/7 Reporting

Panel by Panel

Get service and a local install. Since 2014, solar professionally installed by NABCEP certified teams with all State and local permitting and filings completed. You do nothing but say 'let's get going'. Maybe sign a few papers. Learn more below and check reviews of Tesla service on-line. Hard to deliver good service from afar.

Experience in Abundance

Certified on all installed product

Tesla Offers

 Miser Group provides

You Win With


USA or Koren or ?

 Solar panels used by Tesla vary widely in origin and brand. 

25 Year Warranty

USA Sleek, Black, Mono Solar Panels.

25 Year Warranty

Every time.

Miser Group; you'll be sure your solar panels are always Tier One, North American panels.

Tesla does not produce the panels installed.

String Inverter Electronics

10 year warranty - Multiple foreign companies - Old tech by design, String Inverters share liabilities such as a Single Point of Failure, expansion limits and warranties that reveal the products expected usable life.

Micro-Inverter Electronics

25 year warranty - USA company - Expandable one panel at a time, you decide when to add production.

Panel by Panel monitoring for life. No single point of failure or dangerous high DC voltage running through your home.

Miser Group outshines Tesla. We've installed thousands of micros with  under 100 ever needing service. Micros excel; more flexible system designs, 5-25% better solar harvesting and safety. Search: Tesla Solar Roof Fires. Tesla does not make the electronics.

Mounting Hardware

Tesla's 'Proprietary' roof mounting hardware relies on a cavity of 'sealant' to protect an bolt though your shingles and roof sub layers. Choosing to reinvent a near perfect existing solution to be 'proprietary' seems anti Tesla engineering. Solar panel trim offered has long term negatives. Most of the time you can't see up that high anyway.

Mounting Hardware USA made and installed fully flashed by crews who have installed 1,000's. Solar trim enclosing the sides of panels may look nice for the first few months, however these places become a home to insects, birds and mammals. Trim limits vital airflow to cool the panels in the hot summer and dry out the roof below in winter.

History on Miser's side. Sealants and unproven hardware is not a good start to a lasting roof install. Sealants rarely stand up long on roofs in the Carolina's.

Flashing are the tried and true method of lasting roof penetrations for hundreds of years. Thousands of roof mounts installed since 2014 - zero roof leaks. 

Installations are performed with a wide variety of products and installers, including third party contractors. A Tesla system has little to do with Tesla components and according to their website, up to six weeks after install before you start saving. Better have an easy roof too; ground mounts, carports, barns and mobile homes are frowned upon.

Service and warranty work is extremely difficult when multiple installers, vendors and product are used. Here is a recent post on Tesla's 'Satisfaction with Tesla Solar?' web page.

'Is anyone satisfied with their Tesla Solar install? Dissatisfied?
I've just got a bid and am looking at doing the install, but my HOA is pushing me not to do it because of how bad the reviews are of Tesla/SolarCity . . . 

Installation performed by our local crews who install the same rock solid components day after day. Miser Group handles all your paperwork. In-house Notary, NC Structural Field Engineer and Licensed Electricians to produce all reports from State filings to permitting. Your system starts producing on install day.

Service is one call, text or email away and FREE. Clients cannot be cared for from California and since we are certified on most string inverters, we wind up servicing these systems. Cannot stress this enough, every micro inverter installed can be swapped out by a new one, no matter how old, in minutes and you don't even need to be home. HOA's involve us in drafting HOA Solar standards due to happy homeowners in the community.

Miser hands down. Thousands of panels on homes, ground mounts, mobile homes, carports and commercial buildings, since 2014, our crews are highly experienced and NABCEP certified. We think Tesla would agree that consistent equipment and installation procedures fosters consistent results.

How about you?

Miser Group provides service with long, strong family ties in North Carolina and a busy electrical contracting division to complement solar installs. Lifetime system monitoring, panel by panel. So you know your system is at work for you. With Solar companies disappearing or unresponsive to service calls, our reputation for service grows beyond our installed client base.

Financing with Tesla, you are on your own. Tesla website states: 'Contact your solar loan provider directly to learn more.' Funding hard to come by. Cash price lower than a financed system. Stated price not guaranteed until system is approved as up charges exist.

Finance made easy. Miser believes using financing is a great tool to start off with nothing down. You get access the lowest finance rates and you'll know the system is installed and working before you pay a dime. No up-charges for items like steep roofs.

Miser makes going Solar easy. Zero Down, no payment for 60 days. Lowest finance rate available. No hidden costs. You decide when to pay your investment off. Financing can also provide access to funds to trim trees and replace roofs. No prepayment penalty and no lien on your home.



Why go Solar at all?

How do we compete with Tesla and everyone else?

Energy Miser offers a lower entry cost 

and lower overall cost of ownership.


Consider with little, to zero added stress or expense

 our clients enjoy.

  • Thousands in New Equity to their Homes
  • Thousands of Dollars in Federal Tax Credits - Dollar for Dollar
  • Building Wealth with a Payment that Previously Produced Nothing
  • Substantial Reduction in Electric Rate Increases
  • Thousands of Wasted Dollars Now Enrich Their Life
  • Modernized and Updated Their Home for Future Resale Value
  • Have Control of a Previously Uncontrollable Expense
  • Own US Premium Product with Industry Best Warranties
  • Energy Independence and this Earth A Cleaner Place
  • Service is local

Miser Rocket

Our clients also invested less.

Miser clients know we have no aspirations to colonize Mars or sponsor NFL Football while paying for TV commercials and speed boats with logos on them. This stuff costs a lot of money.

Kind of prefer keeping the costs down.

It's the Miser in us.

You can use this submission area to contact us or call 704-928-9888.

Sun = Energy + Equity

Wise investment decisions in product, price and companys are best based on transparent, verifiable information. Energy Miser clients consistently and continually share positive results and refer friends and family.  Impartial fact based information was clearly provided as these homeowners considered the long term advantages of going Solar. They understood the math.

EMG clients also understand the value of US based product and local installs and service by a company that has installed over 1,000 systems, with zero panel failures, zero roof leaks and zero down to go Solar.


Perhaps you like the predictability of that monthly, never-ending and forever increasing electric payment that buys you nothing.

Use Solar energy to power your home and reduce your dependence on the grid. Purchase solar at the lowest price and take control of your monthly electricity bill.

There exists an industry standard tool to predict solar production around the world. Duke Energy, Google, the financiers that fund solar installations utilize this tool we share with you to project savings on every system package. That's how you know expected returns on investment.

 Think about it, the sun rising each day is a lot more predictable than most investments!

What does the monthly payment you make now do to your net worth?

System Architecture

The importance of consistent system design and components is critical to success and service. Most companies offering you solar seem to skip over important aspects because you don't know any better...yet.

Common system designs are not easily expandable or upgradble with shorter warranties and have a single point of failure. EMG is proud to offer the very best US Tier One, black on black, mono solar panels each with Enphase micro-inverters with industry best 25 year warranties on the panels and electronics. Full, 24/7 panel by panel reporting for life. Up-gradable and expandable.

With the incredible tax benefits about to expire, the best time to go Solar is now.

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